Film Acting for Kids and Teens!

The Film Acting Academy of Denver has a few options for getting kids and teens started in the fine art of film acting.

Private Coaching and Small Group Lessons. Private coaching is $45 per hour. Small group lessons available. Cost depends on number of students and length of class. Call 720-276-9922 for more information. Coaching is available in Denver/Lakewood and Highlands Ranch.

Film Acting for Kids and Teens (8-13 years old) is an ongoing acting class that meets the first four Mondays of every month. Young actors can stop worrying about a character’s back-story or making choices before the camera rolls because all that stuff gets in the way of them listening to their scene partner and “being” in the moment. Students will learn an amazing technique for learning lines quickly, a stress-free way to audition, and the one simple little secret that every Hollywood actor knows. The class teaches actors how to “be in the moment” and to trust that amazing things will happen once the camera starts rolling.

When: Mondays from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Where:  The Old Studio – 1200 West Mississippi Ave., Denver, Colorado 80223.
Cost: $105 per month (first four Mondays unless otherwise stated).
Note: No make up classes, credit, or refunds for missed classes. Limited to first eight enrolled kids.

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Please call Patrick at 720-276-9922 with questions and to reserve your spot!



3 responses to “Film Acting for Kids and Teens!

  1. Saiso

    Do you know what time it starts and how do I start the class

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